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Manhattan Bride

Reception Location: Bernards Inn
Photographer: Brad Ross Photography

John: We met in law school. Basically she picked me up at a bar.

Sarah: That is true. We both went to Brooklyn Law School and had a couple of classes together. He caught my eye. What can I say? We started dating, and after a night out with friends in October 2012 John proposed. I was in the kitchen making tea, I don’t know why because I’d never done that before. He said, “Sarah come into the room,” and usually he does something silly but when I walked over, there he was on his knee with the ring. The Bernards Inn is the only place we looked at. I’m from the next town over, and we used to go to Bernardsville all the time. When John and I visited, it was perfect. It had an old-fashioned elegant charm.

J: It has understated elegance. It’s just gorgeous, a great little town, and the staff at The Bernards Inn is incredible.

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