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The Bernards Inn Logo


grilled lamp chops



Oyster on the Half Shell  18.

cucumber & horseradish granita, lemon gelèe,
salmon roe, chervil

Seared Hudson Valley Foie Gras  25.

vanilla pound cake crostini, pickled green strawberries,
pistachio, rhubarb, cilantro

Duck Egg Farfalle  16.

runny yolks, morel mushrooms, arugula, shaved asparagus,
garlic scapes, maple cured bacon

Smoked Rabbit Sausage  16.

fava bean & artichoke ragout, cured olives,
confit tomato, curley parsley salad

Fennel  15.

steamed, fried, purèed, house-made gravlax,
dill, pumpernickel croutons, lemon olive oil


White Asparagus  12.

house made chorizo, Marcona almonds,
green grapes, grilled ciabatta bread

Lobster Bisque 14.

brioche crouton, fines herbes

Chilled Charred Carrot

tumeric, raw baby carrot salad, chioggia beets,
fermented habanero, agave, goat crème fraîche


Mixed Organic Baby Greens 11.

roasted asparagus, sunflower sprouts, breakfast radish,
candied sunflower seeds, organic egg, tarragon

Lacinato Kale 12.

mango, avacado, ricotta salata, red onion,
quinoa granola, roasted lemon & yogurt vinaigrette

Garden Peas  12.

sugar snaps, English peas, snow peas, wild honey,
whipped burrata, Surryano ham, mint


Veal Chop  45.

almond gnocchi, fiddlehead ferns, morel mushrooms,
dandelion greens, bee pollen glaze

Lamb Porterhouse  40.

toasted farro, pickled ramps, asparagus compote, 
lamb neck marmalade, orange & oregano jus

Loin of Mangalitsa Pig  36.

potato galette, mustard & herb crust, grilled spinach,
spring onions, maple & lemon thyme jus

Griggstown Chicken  28.

grilled thigh, red beans & rice, roasted broccoli,
king trumpet mushrooms, bourbon glaze

Dry Aged Sirloin  50.

hay smoked potatoes, Cabrales blue cheese, charred asparagus,
roasted garlic & bone marrow

New Zealand King Salmon  36.

cauliflower couscous, sheep's milk yogurt, sunchokes,
baby carrots, spring leek & garlic scape pesto

Roasted Halibut  36.

artichoke & potato gratin, curly potatoes, smoked mussels,
fava beans, pickled bulbs, saffron rouille

 Maine Lobster  42.

sautéed pea leaves, grilled scallions, sesame, 
Thai basil, lobster spring roll, red miso

Crispy Black Bass  36.

pea purèe, white asparagus, sugar snaps, cavatelli,
 manila clams, capers, parsley, lemon confit

A gratuity of 20% will be added to checks of parties of 7 or more persons.

Celebrating 100 Years of Gracious Hospitality